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As part of this publication to celebrate the 2012 exhibition Panto Collapsar at Project Arts Centre, I was commissioned by Project to conduct an interview with renowned Australian artist Mikala Dwyer. The volume also contains essays on Mikala’s work by Tessa Giblin and Declan Long.

Mikala and I met in January 2015 at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, while Mikala was in residence there. What followed was a nconversation about art and materiality and imperfection and audience – you can read the full interview here.

Panto Collapsar (2010) was one of those really special exhibitions at Project while I was Assistant Producer there. After its premiere, we then toured the show nationally to West Cork Arts Centre, Wexford Arts Centre, Ballina Arts Centre, Riverbank Arts Centre, Droichead Arts Centre and Mermaid County Wicklow Arts Centre.

This slim volume bursts at the seams with this big life.


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