a play about people living in another person’s home, to be performed on the stages of other people’s plays

Three 30-somethings temporarily and cheaply rent a house owned by an elderly woman now living her last months in a nursing home. The house is in limbo, abandoned in a sudden health crisis, never again to be occupied by its owner, but held until their death as dictated by the State, rented out by her children, to be sold posthumously as a condition of the Nursing Home Support Fair Deal Scheme. The lives of its 3 current occupants go on, surrounded by the stuff of this woman’s entire life.

Guest Host Stranger Ghost began as an impulse to tell a story about the transience and impermanence that faces my generation, and an understanding of our current housing crisis as a full spectrum that reaches into the lives of every inhabitant. An urgent story about our culture and environment, it is concerned with the steady loss of social housing, the rapid growth in the need for nursing home places, and a contemporary housing anxiety where the only permanence is transience.

Development begins in 2019.

Written by Kate Heffernan. Development made possible by an Arts Council Project Award, and the support of Mermaid Arts Centre and Project Arts Centre