La Reine Claude

Dublin Theatre Festival and The Irish Times’ collaborative writing project, in which 8 theatremakers continued a script begun by Tom Murphy and Enda Walsh over the course of the 2014 festival. I was 6th in the relay, with 36 hours to work with the text before passing it on again. The story centered around art-collector Mulcahy, his maid Karolina and her sister Paulina. 

You can read about the experiment in this article from the Irish Times.

La Reine Claude was written by Tom Murphy, Enda Walsh, Deirdre Kinahan, Sonya Kelly, Stacey Gregg, Kate Heffernan, Bush Moukarzel, Brokentalkers, Genevieve Hulme-Beaman and Michael West. Rehearsed reading took place at Project Arts Centre, October 2014. Directed by Annabelle Comyn. Performed by Kate Stanley Brennan, Declan Conlon and Niamh McCann.

Watch a video of the reading