I am a writer

A ‘yes-but-no-but-yes-but‘ writer, some days ‘playwright’, others days ‘theatremaker’, but always pleased by the makerly meaning of ‘wright’. While trying to stop the wheels on this well-worn baggage from squeaking too much, I write texts for performance.

But haven’t always been

I’ve worked as an independent producer, a designer, and an editor, and these things shape and inform my work. I continue to produce graphic design for performance and a host of other things I have recently started to share on my blog above (work-in-progress).



I am an associate artist with Theatre Lovett who specialise in work for young audiences.

I was a participant on Pan Pan’s International Mentorship 2014 with Tim Crouch, and on Dublin Theatre Festival and Theatre Forum Ireland’s The Next Stage 2013. I was chair of judges for Dublin Fringe Festival 2015.

The Irish Theatre Institute has included my profile on their Irish Playography, where you can also buy a copy of In Dog Years I’m Dead.

The image above was taken at Kaph Coffee by photographer Senija Topcic.