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DogYearsShowGraphicProps-1983InviteDogYearsShowGraphicProps-DutchInviteDogYearsShowGraphicProps-FlirtyDogYearsShowGraphicProps-EstdDogYearsShowGraphicProps-OhNoDogYearsShowGraphicProps-RussianIn Dog Years I’m Dead begins at a 1983-themed 30th birthday party, and ends at a Dutch themed 31st birthday (the international dialing code for the Netherlands is +31. The party tagline: “Go Dutch – and Bring Your Own Beer”). I made graphic props for the show, including these invitations for both events. The 1980s feel of the first invitation made its way to the show programme which you can see here.

Towards the end of the play, Emily and David both turn 30 and are inundated with  cards. Wearing playwright hat I imagined this ping-pong oneupmanship of greetings. Wearing designer hat, I made the graphic props to match.

EMILY: Cards came from all over. (Reading) You’re just an eighteen year old with twelve years experience. 29ish.
DAVID: Ested. 1983.
EMILY: It Took Me Thirty Years To Look This Good.
DAVID: Oh No The Big Three Oh
EMILY: Keep Calm, You’re Only Thirty.
DAVID: I got three of those ones.
EMILY: I’m Not Thirty, I’m Three Perfect Tens
DAVID: Age Is Like Underwear, It Creeps Up On You.
EMILY: Flirty Thirty.
DAVID: Dirty Thirty.
EMILY: And probably the most threatening:
DAVID: Thirty down. Thirty to go.



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